This time, I had pleasure working with another Lithuanian fashion designer - Sandra Yushka. As a designer defines herself: "Sandra Yushka is all about feeling good and expressing yourself. Comfortable, minimalist, feminine and with an eye on classical details in a modern way." All of those qualities express exactly what I stand for in a fashion world. That is why Sandra Yushka dresses are a perfect match for me. However, during a photo shoot I had quite a romantic look going on. Appearing sweet and girly is not exactly my cup of tea, but nevertheless, I believe that trying out something new is always a good idea. See for yourself!

And... Another big news! As some of you may already know from facebook I can finally announce that I got into the University of the arts London. And yes I've wanted this for over eight years now. However cheesy this may sound it turns out that dreams actually do come true, of course, if you work hard enough to achieve them. So stay strong no matter what it is that you're doing and eventually you will get there. Just remember that believing yourself is far from actually achieving your goals.


Shoes: ZARA

Modern touch to minimalism by Sandra Yushka

24 August 2016 Kaunas, Lithuania

So recently I've been working with other two Lithuanian designers "atsikeli ir varai" and erikahoc and I absolutely fell in love with their high quality conceptual designs.

I believe that quality and that great feeling of comfort you get when wearing something, are the two most important things when selecting new items for your wardrobe. And both of these things certainly apply to "atsikeli ir varai" and erikahoc.

Creator of the brand "atsikeli ir varai", Aušra Šeduikytė states that her minimalistic creations are a reflection of what she would love to wear herself and are created for people who goes to sleep late and has to wake up early. I think that it's the main reason why I've found her dresses so comfortable.

erikahoc brand stands for fashion bags, which are made of a water resistant top grain leather. Creations of erikahoc are dedicated for an active woman. These fashion bags are exceptional with their lightness, quality, and aesthetics. That is why I felt so great wearing them.

If you haven't heard of these brands yet, you should definitely check them out!

New collaborations coming soon, so stay tuned.


Bags: erikahoc
Jewelry: UMI jewelry
Photos: Deimante Dubauskaite IDEAphoto

Take a walk in “atsikeli ir varai” & erikahoc

21 August 2016 Kaunas, Lithuania

So here I present my first ever collaboration with a Lithuanian jewelry designer Ula Gurgždienė under a name of UMI jewelry. Ula is a conceptual Jewelry designer and a minimalist like myself, which is why I fell in love with her creations. She is longing for perfection, which according to her can only be found in details. Most of the designs she makes are moderate, but nevertheless, they can say a million words about a person wearing them. Her designs are also very modest, without any unnecessary shiny things on top, which tend to catch all of the attention instead of the design itself. The Northern ascetic style of Ula‘s designs also reflects on her choice of materials, which are: silver, rock crystal and her beloved flint (which reminds of a solid lava).

The ice cold glow of the North, immeasurable fields of the sea... This is what I picture when I see UMI jewelry designs. Hope you‘ll enjoy them too.


Shirt&skirt - ZARA
Jewelry - UMI jewelry

Afternoon with UMI jewelry

17 August 2016 Kaunas, Lithuania

The hardest thing in life is realizing that you are meaningless. You are not exceptional, nor you ever will be. You have no purpose. You are NO ONE.


I‘m a firm believer that your life can be as meaningful as you make it to be. The fact that you are no one still remains, but realizing it can help you be more consistent with what you are doing since you have a limited amount of time on this planet. You don‘t have to prove anyone wrong, cause we are all wrong. No one knows how to do things the right way, but it doesn‘t mean that we have to stop trying. Actually being no one is a beautiful thing. It is a state of mind where are no influences, no lies – just you. A raw reflection of a human being you think you are. Peace of meat which will turn into nothing. It‘s funny when you think about it -  we only have this short lifetime and all we do is that we keep trying to be as good as someone else is, at what they are doing. But why not trying to be the best version of yourself? We see these perfect images of models, of what they are wearing and we are made to believe that we will look as good if we buy those clothes, but what we forget is that our body type might be a little different. However, if everyone knew how to dress according to their body type I believe that every woman would look stunningly beautiful. All we have to do is to stop looking at how good someone else is looking or how well that person is doing with his life and turn to ourselves. For once look in the mirror and say „Yes, I‘m beautiful and I‘m a better person than I was yesterday". Only, this way we will be able to deal with our misfortunes and learn to love our true selves. Rarely do we realize that most of the time we are our worst enemies, not others, but US. We make ourselves believe things which are not true and we limit ourselves, while others achieve great things. Things, which were said to be impossible. But it gets BETTER IN TIME. Time – the most relevant thing in the world (after the love of course). Time, which cannot be described, named, touched or actually felt. We only know it‘s there, but what we actually do is that we only measure it by how fastly our bodies get worn out. But you don‘t have  to fear time. The only thing you have to be afraid of is yourself – your thoughts and actions - two things which truly define your identity.

And now one more summerish look. To be honest, I never wear such bright colors, but since it's still summer, thought that maybe I should give it a shot. 


Dress - ZARA
Photos: Deimantė Dubauskaitė IDEA photo


11 August 2016 Kaunas, Lithuania

I always feel like I have to say something smart or at least it's what everyone expects from me. But I'm tired. I am so damn tired of trying to fulfil somebody else's expectations. To be honest it's impossible to avoid that. But this time, I won't be talking about it.

I love writing. I believe that it's the best platform to express myself in a more meaningful way and that is what I do – I express myself through these short passages and through photographs. Writing has always been a big part of my life and it helped me a lot through various difficult circumstances. I know I can say a lot of stupid things, but my problem is that I rarely ever think before saying, and I never mean to offend anyone, but I always carefully pick what I want to say when writing. Yes, I‘m one of those people. Most of the writers are introverts, but I‘m an incredibly weird exception. Some of us just sit and listen to what others have to say and then write about their experiences, but for me it‘s different. I have to experience everything for myself. Which, most of the times can really hurt, because no matter how many times someone proves me not to trust anyone I go out there and trust myself to the most random people. I know it‘s an awful character trait for anyone to have, but you wouldn‘t believe how many different experiences such situations can bring. And like I said before – I believe in kindness, maybe way too much, but I do.

It‘s funny that I get asked a lot why do I question everything so much. And I always answer the same: „I‘m a writer, that‘s what I do. I question things." Everyone keeps telling me that I would be so much happier if I‘d just let it flow, do not ask or try to figure out why some things work the way they do. But I am happy by doing this. I‘m happy by combining fashion and philosophy.


Dress - ZARA
Watch - Fossil
Photos Žygintas

With my own eyes

6 August 2016 Palanga, Lithuania

Okay. So this post won‘t be about fashion. At least not entirely.

As a recent high school graduate, I can‘t relate to all those confused people, who has no idea what to do with their lives. I always knew exactly what I wanted and how I wanted it. It may seem like a good thing, but it isn‘t really when you are in a completely wrong environment. I often wonder why good people are just thrown into places and circumstances which are likely to kill their potential. However, those who bare it succeed, but then again not all of them. So, then I start questioning myself why am I different and why do I deserve to do better than most people... And the only answer I can find is simply : „Because“. It is an incredibly plain answer, but the best one I can find yet. Nevertheless, like I have probably mentioned in my previous posts, my goal is the only thing that makes want to live this life, which is full of lust and deceit. My goal is the only thing, which makes me believe that life can be as beautiful as we imagine it to be. But it saddens me how easily artistic people can be influenced by others because it is much harder not to care about other people‘s opinions when you have a tender soul. Especially when those opinions are thrown on you, by your family members. Sometimes... Oh, who am I kidding... Most of the time outstandingly talented people let go of their passion just to comfort their relatives. Because they don‘t think that their personal happiness is worth of their parent's pain. But I can assure you – your life is not their business. We live in this materialistic society where owning something or even someone makes you feel better, but it shouldn't be like that. We are used to owning things, but when it comes to people... We want to own them too. Parents want to own their children, lovers - the ones they believe to love. And none of us want to understand that this is not the way the world should work.

Of course, we all make mistakes, but some are much bigger than others, and all that we can do is at least try avoiding them.

My art (by whom I mean my designs and many other things) and especially my imagination is where I can find comfort and never in a million years am I letting go of it. And so you must not let go of yourself too.

And now I'm sharing new outfit post from sunny Palanga!


Dress, sunnies and handbag - ZARA

Photos: Žygintas

Belong to yourself, not others

29 July 2016 Palanga, Lithuania

Visiems patinka gražios nuotraukos, žmonės ar drabužiai, tačiau retas iš mūsų realiai susimąstome apie kelią link išsvajotojo rezultato. Ir patikėkite manimi tas kelias - ne iš lengvųjų. 

Būti perfekcionistu tai palaiminimas ir prakeiksmas viename. Palaiminimas, nes tu niekada nesustoji tobulėjęs kaip žmogus, o prakeiksmas, nes perdėtas perfekcionizmas neleidžia tau būti laimingu. Nesvarbu ką bedarytum, žinai, kad gali daug geriau, ir šis žinojimas tave kankina visą laiką.

Blogiausia tai, kad dauguma žmonių mano jog tik pradėję kokią nors veiklą (nesvarbu ar tai mada ar kas nors kita) sugebės gauti geriausią rezultatą. Deja, turiu jus nuvilti - įgūdžiai kaip ir sėkmė neateina per vieną naktį. Pradedant karjerą svarbu suprasti, kad bus labai sunku. Taip sunku, kad kartais norėsis tiesiog užmigti ir niekada nepabusti. Tačiau rezultatas atpirks visas kančias, nes kai pagaliau išlipsi iš lovos, suvoksi, kad gali įgyvendinti ką tik nori. Žinoma, pradžioje negausi "Vogue" ar "L'Officiel" lygio rezultato, tačiau tai visiškai normalu, o per daug iš savęs reikalaudamas gali paprasčiausiai sudegti. 

Būti geriausiam savo srityje nėra taip lengva ir žavinga kaip gali pasirodyti, tai reikalauja 100% atsidavimo. Ir sėkmingi žmonės yra tie, kurie dirba daugiausiai, nors kartais taip ir neatrodo.

Jau daugiau nei aštuoneris metus žinojau, kad norėsiu dirbti su mada, ir patikėkite -  man dar labai toli iki rezultato, kurį norėčiau pasiekti, tačiau tikrai nežadu pasiduoti dėl kažkokių neracionalių priežasčių. Tvirtai žinau ko noriu ir taip pat žinau, kad galiu tai pasiekti, nes žmonės, kurie mano nesugebėsiantys įgyvendinti savo siekių, užblokuoja savo mintis bet kokiai sėkmei. Taip pat manau, kad baisiau už svajonių neturėjimą yra jų atsisakymas, dėl šeimos ar visuomenės. Kartais, tie, kuriuos labiausiai mylime ir kliudo mums vystyti potencialą.

Tad pagaliau nustokime klausyti kitų ir išmokime girdėti savo vidinį balsą!

Everybody likes pretty pictures, people or clothes, unfortunately not many of us actually think about the path towards the result, that a designer was so keen to achieve. And believe me that path is a long one. To be a perfectionist, like myself, can be both a blessing and a curse. A blessing, because you never stop developing your personality and work. A curse, because you simply cannot be happy no matter what you do. Most people think that it's easy to get the best result at the beginning, but it is not like that at all. When starting your career you have to understand that it's going to be very hard to pursue your dreams. And when I say HARD, I really mean it. At times you will want to cover yourself with blankets and never get out of bed, but when you finally do, you realize that you are capable of achieving anything. Of course it is simply impossible to get those kind of photos you see in "Vogue" and "L'Officiel" at first, but it doesn't mean that you have stop trying. Being the best is not as easy and glamorous, as some of us may think. It requires 100% time and dedication and successful people are usually the ones, who work the most, even if it doesn't seem so. 

I knew I was going to do fashion for over eight years now and I'm not even close to what I wish to achieve or how I want my pictures to look like, but trust me, I'm not stopping for some stupid reasons such as the lack of money, time and other things... I know what I want and I also know that I can do it, because people who think that they can't, never accomplish what they could've have. I feel that the worse thing than not having a goal, is letting your dream go, because sometimes the ones you love can be those who drag you down and stop from living up to your full potential. 

Sometimes you have to hear your inner voice and follow it, instead of listening to others, no matter how important they can be.

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” 

May sound cheesy, but that's the truth.

Neįkalink savęs // Do not imprison yourself

11 March 2016 Kaunas, Lithuania

Pats terminas su laiku tampa gana nuvalkiotas, nes per daug žmonių vartoja jį ne vietoje ir ne laiku. Tačiau kas yra mada? Man, tai ne aklas tendencijų sekimas, kaip galbūt mano daugelis, o savo nišos ieškojimas. Juk dabartinė drabužių įvairovė, turėtų mums padėti skleisti savo asmenybę, o ne atvirkščiai - susilieti su mase. Tačiau pastarasis atvejis gana dažnas, ypač tarp žmonių, priklausančių kokios nors garsenybės kultui. Einant gatve ir kiekvieną dieną matant tuos rūškanus veidus su vienodomis tamsiai mėlynomis (ar žaliomis) striukėmis, kyla vienintelis klausimas - kodėl lietuviai taip lėtai vaduojasi iš posovietinės depresijos? (Ir ne, man tiesiog patinka klasikinė juoda :D) Suprantu, kad stilius daugeliui nėra "number one priority", tačiau dabar kalba eina apie pačios asmenybės raišką. Galite mane smerkti, tačiau vistiek manau, kad išvaizda dažnai gali pasakyti beveik viską apie žmogų. Ar jis bohemiškas menininkas, valstybės tarnautojas, o galbūt ta pati pilka masė? Spręsti jums. Žinoma, to netaikau visiems. Gera pagaliau viešojoje erdvėje išvysti tikrai to vertų, įdomių asmenybių. Tad buskime ir nustebinkime pasaulį!

Even its definition became a little too trashy, because too many people use this word in the wrong place at the wrong time. Although, what is FASHION? To me, it is not pursuing the tendencies, but searching for your true identity, your own style. The big variety of brands should help us form our true self''s, but instead most of the people just blend into the crowd. Walking down the street and seeing those miserable faces with identical jackets, makes me want to question - why lithuanians cannot get over the post-soviet depression? I understand that style is not a number one priority for most of the people, but now we are talking about the expression of an individual via clothes. You can judge me, but I still think that the appearance of a person can tell almost everything about him or her. Whether he is a boho artist, politician or maybe the same boring mass? You decide. Of  course I do not apply this to everyone. It feels great finally seeing some interesting people in the media. People, who are actually worth it. 

So lets wake up and amaze the world!

Antrasis mano įvaizdis (Second look):

Coat - Stradivarius
Shoes - Vagabond
Top - H&M
Choker - Dictate Clothing
Bag  - H&M

Photographer Deimante Dubauskaite IDEAphoto

(ne)Madingi pasvarstymai // (un)Fashionable thinking

24 February 2016 Kaunas, Lithuania

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